MyNetcare Training Videos for Patients and their Family/Carer

MyNetCare training videos have been developed for use by patients and their nominated family member or carer.  A copy of these videos will be included on a USB as part of the MyNetCare 'Welcome Pack' provided on enrolment to the project and they are also available via the web-links below.   


P1.    Logging in, and navigating MyNetCare               

- Consents and Authorisations

P2.    Authorised Access to MyNetCare                       

Module - Know about Me

P3.    My Details                                                                                        

P4.    Family and Social Support                                  

P5.    Person Responsible                                                              

P6.    Goals of Care                                                     

Module -  Clinical Handover

P7.    Clinical Handover                                                

Module -  Know about My Care        

P8.    Current Problems List                                             

Module - Know about My Journey

P9.     Who has viewed MyNetCare                             

ModuleHow am I Going

P10.     MyWellbeing                                                                           

P6.      Goals of Care                                                    

- Need Help

P11.        Need Help                                                     

Resources - Lets Start Talking

The Hunter Alliance have developed resources to assist you completing some of the sections of your MyNetCare record.  Specifically those sections are "Person Responsible" and "Goals of Care".

The resources can be found on the patientinfo site by clicking the following link: and click on the "Lets Start Talking" campaign image.

User Guides

User manuals have been developed for MyNetCare.  The link to the user manual for patients and their nominated family member or carer are below.

User Guide for Patients and their nominated Family Member or Carer - Final - User Guide - Patients.pdf

Any amendments to this user guides will be issued as Quick Reference Guides and links provided on this page.

Quick Reference Guides

No quick reference guides are currently available