Eligibility Criteria

To meet the eligibility criteria for MyNetCare patients must be living with serious advanced illness in the greater Newcastle region.  A valid referral must be completed and submitted by a health care professional / clinician working in the acute (including NSW Ambulance), primary, aged, or community health care sector.  

It is important to ensure, prior to referral, that the patient, or their nominated family member or carer, have access to a suitable device (i.e. computer, laptop or tablet) that can be connected to the internet.  



Referrals can be received from a clinician/service working in any sector or organisation – i.e. community based care, primary care, aged care, or acute care also including NSW Ambulance Service. Patients are not able to self-refer, however the project team will be able to assist patients wishing to be referred to MyNetCare by providing advice and support to their General Practitioner or other nominated clinician in making a referral.

MyNetCare Referral Form

The MyNetCare referral form is available in three formats  

1.  MyNetCare Referral Form designed to be completed electronically in Microsoft Word / PDF

2.  MyNetCare Referral Form designed to be completed in hardcopy

3.  MyNetCare Referral Form  template for use in Best Practice / Medical Director

For a copy of the referral form in your preferred format please email mynetcare@calvarycare.org.au

Overview of the Referral Process

For a flowchart showing the management of referrals by the Project Team please see the attached flowchart - Referral Process - Overview.pdf

To submit a Referral

Please send completed referrals to mynetcare@calvarycare.org.au