MyNetCare Training Videos for Clinicians and Services

Online MyNetCare training videos have been developed for use by clinicians.   These will be included on a USB as part of the MyNetCare 'Welcome Pack' distributed to all participating clinicians and services and they are also available via the web-links below.   


C1.    MyNetCare Overview                                 
C2.    Logging in, and navigating MyNetCare      

Module - Consents and Authorisations

C3.    Authorised Access to MyNetCare               

Module - Know about Me

C4.    My Details                                                    
C5.    Family and Social Support                           
C6.    Person Responsible                                               
C7.    Goals of Care                                               

Module -  Clinical Handover

C8.    Risks and Alerts                                           
C9.    Clinical Handover                                         
C10.  Clinician to Clinician Notes                           

Module -  Know about My Care        

C11.   Current Problems List                                

Module - Know about My Journey

C12.     Who has viewed MyNetCare                    

Module -  How am I Going

C13.     MyWellbeing                                                                                                                                                                           

Education for Clinicians

In early 2016 the project team commenced education and awareness sessions with clinicians and clinical services.  The focus of these sessions was identification of patients who may be in their last year of life; and the importance and need to have early and ongoing goals-based discussions with this patient group around end-of-life care.   These education sessions will continue during the course of the pilot project.

An electronic version of this education package is available at: Serious Advanced Illness.pptx

In addition to, and to support the presentation above, the MyNetCare team commissioned the filming of two videos with senior clinicians working in the Newcastle region.  These videos are designed to support clinical staff in discussing end of life care and management.

Educational Videos developed by the MyNetCare Project Team

Dr. Peter Saul, Intensive Care Staff Specialist, Calvary Mater Newcastle

In this video Dr. Saul provides conversation starters and talking points for Clinical Staff to assist them with opening early, and continued discussions with patients who may be approaching their end of life. 


Kate Munro Better, Clinical Nurse Consultant, Better End of Life Care, Hunter New England Area Health Service

In this video Kate Munro discusses the importance of improving communication with patients who may be approaching the end of their life; and provides clinical advice on how nurses can engage our patients in meaningful conversations with our patients.


User Manuals

User manuals have been developed for MyNetCare.  The link to the user manual for clinicians and services is below.

User Guide for Clinicians and Services - Final - User Guide - Clinicians.pdf

Any amendments to these user guides will be issued as Quick Reference Guides and links provided on this page.

Quick Reference Guides

No Quick Reference Guides are currently available.