What is MyNetCare

MyNetCare is a web based clinical handover tool designed to improve the experience of patients living with advanced illness in the Hunter Region. MyNetCare is an initiative of the Hunter Alliance (Hunter New England Health, Calvary, Hunter New England Central Coast Primary Health Network and Hunter Primary Care).


What are the benefits to patients and their families and carers

MyNetCare is a place where the most relevant and recent information about your healthcare can be shared.

This includes information on your most relevant diagnoses, issues that you are currently experiencing, and up to date information on your current healthcare goals and wellbeing.

You, your nominated family member or carer, and the clinicians and services that are providing you with care can easily see and update information about your health by logging into MyNetCare through the internet.

What are the benefits for Clinicians

1. MyNetCare allows the sharing of clinical handover and relevant patient information across different organisations, services and practices working within the health care sector in the Newcastle region.

2. It gives clinicians access to a shared clinical handover record in which the following can be viewed and documented:

· Real-time clinical handover from other clinicians and services providing care

· Summary of the patient’s medical history, and current problems.

· Information (entered by the patient) on their current level of wellbeing (i.e. symptom assessment), goals of care, and details of any advanced care plans.

· Details of the patient identified “Person Responsible” and key contacts, as well as information on social supports and current services.

3. Importantly, MyNetCare makes it possible for clinicians across the health sector to access and contribute to the sharing of clear, concise and relevant clinical handover information about patients with advancing illness

4. MyNetCare provides a place where patients can document what is important to them and their goals. This information can be used by the treating team, in consultation with the patient, to help them to provide the most appropriate care.

Which clinicians and services are participating in the MyNetCare project

  • Calvary Mater Newcastle
  • John Hunter Hospital
  • NSW Ambulance - Hunter Region
  • Connecting Care
  • Calvary Community Care
  • General Practitioners
  • Specialists