Since 14 January 2014, the Hunter Alliance has helped tackle wicked problems in the health system. Recently, the environment has changed and partner organisations have concluded that other ways of partnering will serve us all better in the new environment. As a result, Chief Executives in The Alliance have dissolved the Hunter Alliance, effective 30 November 2017.  

The good work of the Alliance will be sustained! In fact, it is now being embedded as “business as usual” by the partner organisations, as follows:

1. The work of the Diabetes and COPD Workstreams continue via Service Level Agreements between HNELHD and HNECCPHN

2. Implementing MyNetCare continues as “business as usual”, led by Calvary, with support from former Alliance partners and other organisations

3. The Steering Committee and working groups set up to govern the LifeSpan program will continue  for the remaining period of funding  

Our four organisations have been working together in various ways for many years. We know we will continue our partnership using the other vehicles at our disposal, including co-commissioning, involvement in the NSW Regional Health Partners Centre for Innovation in Regional Health and through our various Service Agreements.

We have also all agreed that there is always an option for any partner to initiate “think tanks” on topics of mutual interest from time to time.  


For further information, please contact any of the following
Jane Gray,  
Catherine Turner,  
Sue Hanson
Keith Drinkwater



Alliance Feature of the Month

As part of the work of the Hunter Alliance, the Care in the Last Year of Life Workstream has developed a web-based clinical handover tool called MyNetCare.   MyNetCare was  launched and made accessible across the Newcastle region from November 2016.

MyNetCare has been designed to improve communication between patients with serious advanced illness, their families and carers, and the clinicians and services providing them with care. 

For clinicians MyNetCare allows the sharing of clinical handover and relevant patient information across different organisations, services and providers working within the healthcare sector in the greater Newcastle region.    That is, the record is available to clinicians across the acute, primary, community and aged care sectors. 

For further information on MyNetCare click on the "MyNetCare" header at the top of the page or use the quick links below:

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Patient and Family Education:

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