Alliance Feature of the Month

As part of the work of the Hunter Alliance, the Care in the Last Year of Life Workstream has developed a web-based clinical handover tool called MyNetCare.   MyNetCare was  launched and made accessible across the Newcastle region from November 2016.

MyNetCare has been designed to improve communication between patients with serious advanced illness, their families and carers, and the clinicians and services providing them with care. 

For clinicians MyNetCare allows the sharing of clinical handover and relevant patient information across different organisations, services and providers working within the healthcare sector in the greater Newcastle region.    That is, the record is available to clinicians across the acute, primary, community and aged care sectors. 

For further information on MyNetCare click on the "MyNetCare" header at the top of the page or use the quick links below:

Eligibility and Referral:            

Patient and Family Education:

Clinician Education:                

Framework and Policy:          

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Transforming our Health System……..together

The Hunter Alliance allows the sharing of abilities, knowledge and specialist skills of the four major health care providers in the Hunter region, Hunter Primary Care, Hunter New England Health, Hunter New England Central Coast Primary Health Network and Calvary, and establishes processes by which collaboration and integration can occur with other partners.

The Hunter Alliance aims to:
1.Improve the patient experience of care (including quality and satisfaction)
2.Improve the health of our populations
3.Control cost of health care

Workstreams for four priority areas have been established to work on specific, agreed initiatives for better integrating and coordinating health services through clinically-led service development and improvements.      The initial priorities are:             

             Care in the last year of life;             
             Care for people with diabetes;              
             Care for people living with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases; and
             Suicide Prevention


The official Hunter Alliance agreement was signed by the Chief Executives of the Alliance organisations.